Beginners Guide to Rock Music

Beginners Guide to Rock Music

Of the many reaction videos I saw on Youtube featuring people listening to Pop/EDM Music reacting to Metal Music, there are two things that comes to my mind. One, their reaction is already pretty much predictable, they are accustomed to their Poop Pop music. Second, perhaps making a person who have never even listened to a rock song listen to an Extreme Metal band won’t make that person like the metal band that much. Instead of just for the fun of the videos, I think it would be better to give them a taste of Rock music first before Metal music, it makes for a certain progression to Metal Music. Getting that idea in mind, Here’s a Beginner’s guide to Rock music, according to my recommendation, the first step to take you through. In Metal and Rock, there is something for everybody I believe, for the people who enjoy soft music or to a little upbeat music perhaps. As a person born in the mid 90s these are the bands that got me started and made me love Rock Music and hopefully will get you excited about the genre too if you’re new to it. Here are a few Bands and some of their specific songs that you should listen to first off. And one more thing, Welcome to Rock Music!

AC/DC is to Rock n Roll what letter ‘A’ is to the English Alphabets! That’s it for the band.
Songs: Highway to Hell, Rock n Roll Train, Thunderstruck, Back in Black, It’s a long way to the top, Whole lotta rosie

Linkin Park
Linkin Park is a well known band for ages which still continues to welcome generations to Rock Music. The recent approach to their music has changed so I recommend you listen to their old material to get a taste of their Rock music.
Songs: Numb, Crawling, Somewhere I belong, Leave out all the rest, In the End, What’ve I done

Guns n Roses
GNR is one of the well known rock band, especially among the Guitarists or aspiring Guitarists, all credit to Slash.
Songs: Sweet Child o’ mine, November Rain, Starlight, Paradise City, Knockin’ on Heaven’s door, Nightrain

Green Day
When anybody says Punk Rock Band, this is the first band that comes to my mind; sadly, it’s also the only band that comes to my mind.
Songs: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Good Riddance, Wake me up when September Ends, 21 guns, Know your enemy, Revolution Radio

An awesome Grammy award winning Rock band.
Songs: Bring me to life, My Immortal, Lithium, My Heart is Broken, Imaginary, I’m Broken (feat Seether)

Scorpions is one of the best Rock Band of all time, an essential band in the playlist if you’re listening to some of the best rock music.
Songs: Still loving you, Rock you like a Hurricane, Winds of Change, A moment in a million years, You and I, The good die young

Alter Bridge
I may be biased here because Alter Bridge has my favourite Hard Rock Vocalist, Myles Kennedy and my Guitar Inspiration, Mark Tremonti (fucking hell, he is mad talented in everything Music related, lyrics, riffing, guitar soloing, you name it!) but this band has some truly great rock songs. Some real inspiring lyrics as well. Best Hard Rock Band for me!
Songs: Life must go on, All ends well, Brand New Start, Wonderful Life, My Champion, Broken Wings

Creed is a yet another well known Rock Band of the past, famous among many guitarist for the guitar intro of the song One Last Breath by Mark Tremonti. Back in my School days, anyone in School who plays that intro on the guitar is a certified Rockstar, doesn’t matter if he/she only knows the intro of the song, that person’s the shit! And also the Tears don’t fall intro by Bullet from my Valentine! Just Stupid things as Kids!
Songs: One last Breath, With arms wide open, Don’t stop Dancing, Higher, My Sacrifice, Weathered

Stone Sour
Corey Taylor, the Metal Icon fronted band before Heavy Metal Band Slipknot, Stone Sour has some awesome rock tunes under their name.
Songs: Through the Glass, Zzyzx Rd., Tired, The Conflagration, Gimme Shelter (feat Lizzy Hale), Hesitate

Nickelback is not really known to be one of the most loved Rock Band there is today but if you’re new to Rock then chances are you will like their songs. They have some well known rock songs in their records
Songs: Rockstar, Burn it to the ground, Far Away, Someday, Photograph, Gotta be Somebody

These 60 Songs by these bands should get you excited about the Genre. These are just some of the great bands among many others, do some research on other alternatives as well if you enjoy the songs I mentioned above. This list is compiled on the basis that you’re new to Rock or even if you’re into Metal Music, maybe you would like to go back onto some awesome Rock tracks. I tried to put together this list which newcomers to Rock might enjoy and I sincerely hope that some of you do. Rock is a Great Musical genre and though nowadays it’s not the genre that is the most popular among people I certainly hope that more people tune into the genre and enjoy it because, well, the more the merrier! Rock n Roll.
-Chugg Pickings